A Bridge City mother is upset after her daughter claims a male student might have taken pictures of girls changing in a locker room.

The mother did not want to be identified but said the incident happened on Monday.

“That’s upsetting to surprise someone like that especially a minor,” said the parent.

The mother said her 15-year-old daughter was changing after her physical education class and is afraid her photo was taken by a male student. Her daughter told her the student put his hand through the locker room door and held his phone out.

“It’s very shocking even if it wasn’t in the dressing room if someone takes pictures without a person’s knowledge especially if they are in the middle of dressing or undressing,” said the parent.

The parents said other students were inside the changing room as well. She explains this incident gives parents the opportunity to talk to their children about electronics.

“Talk to your kids about electronics, privacy and boundaries because that is crossing boundaries," said the parent.

Bridge City told 12news that they are looking into the incident and will get Bridge City I.S.D police involved if a criminal act took place.

“I hope all of them learn a lesson especially him I don't think he will do it again,” said the parent.

Statement from Bridge City I.S.D

Bridge City High School Administrators are investigating a report of an incident that occurred during physical education class. Upon completion of the investigation the Campus Administration will discipline any student that is found to have violated the Student Code of Conduct.

The Bridge City ISD Police Department conducts a separate investigation when an incident has the elements of being a criminal act. It has yet to be determined that a criminal act occurred; however, the police department and campus administration are actively monitoring the situation. If it is determined a criminal act has occurred then a criminal investigation will be conducted.