As a senior in Hope Oranday will walk across the stage at Lamar State College-Orange as a certified EMT..

"It was really challenging actually being in high school and being in college my high school was 5 days a week for eight hours and then after that on mondays and wednesdays I had to come to class for four hours and that was really hard and on top of that studied on top of studies," said Hope Oranday

The 18-year-old did so by taking dual credit hours her senior year and says she couldn't have done it without her strong support group.

"They saying you got this, don't let anybody pressure you..keep your head up, never let it fall down pray to God whenever times get tough," Oranday says of her support group.

Her college teacher Rickey Land says he is impressed and this is no easy task.

And if you ask her if it was worth it she will tell you, "It is definitely worth it. I do believe this career for me will help build something for me"

This BCHS senior looks to have a bright future.