Bond has been set for a Lumberton woman accused of shooting and killing her common-law husband Wednesday.

Elizabeth Ann Taylor, 70, of Lumberton is being held on $300,000 bond on a murder/family violence charge in connection to the death of Larry Wayne Atwood, 58, from Vidor.

Beaumont police say Taylor shot Atwood in the chest multiple times while inside a vehicle on Eastex Freeway near Home Depot and then pushed Atwood from the car.

Police believe Taylor and Atwood had a common law marriage and are trying to figure out what transpired between the couple before the shooting.

Joyce Ruark, who is a friend of Taylor believes Atwood was abusing her. Ruark told 12news she noticed Taylor would have black eyes and busted lips regularly.

"I've seen her several times beaten to a pulp and she's not the type of lady who would put up with that," said Ruark.

“I think she was just lonely but to put up with that abuse not only once but several times I’ve seen her with black eyes and busted lips."

12news looked into Atwood’s previous criminal records but did not find any domestic violence charges.

On Wednesday night, police were called at 5:22 p.m. and arrived on scene where EMS technicians were attending to the victim.

Atwood was transported to the hospital in critical condition and later died of his injuries.

Taylor fled the scene in her vehicle and was later located by Hardin County deputies at 7:06 p.m. off FM 1421, near Sour Lake, Deputies said she was staying with family and was cooperative.

They were met by BPD at the scene who then transported Taylor to Jefferson County Jail.

“She probably did what she had to do to save her life, it’s a horrible thing to think about that you would have to shoot somebody,” said Ruark.

According to police records, Atwood has not had any domestic related charges in the past.

However, Hardin county Sheriff Mark Davis said there have been three calls to deputies from their shared home in Lumberton because of a disturbance involving Atwood.

He said Atwood was recently in the Hardin county jail from September 2016 to February 2017 and then was transferred to state jail for felony theft.

According to police records, Atwood had a lengthy past criminal history which begins in 1988 when he was charged with burglary.

In 1992, he was busted for selling marijuana and was also charged with assault in 1997.

Atwood was also arrested several times for driving under the influence. He had his license suspended but police found him driving on Denver Street in Vidor, which led to another arrest.

12news searched for public data records for Elizabeth Taylor but did not find any criminal record.