Beaumont Police have released the name of the man, whose body was found at the Beaumont rice mill on Halloween. The body was identified as 47-year-old Louis Stevens of Beaumont.

Investigators are currently waiting on the final autopsy results to determine the cause of death for Stevens.

Stevens was found dead inside a large exhaust fan behind the business on Pecos Street on Halloween.

Previous reporting:

Beaumont police are currently on the scene investigating a death at the Beaumont Rice Mill on Pecos street.

Beaumont firefighters are working to remove the body which was found in a rice drier at the mill.

Workers at the rice mill discovered the body according to police.

Beaumont Fire and EMS responded to a call at 9:55 a.m. that turned out to be a deceased person according to the Beaumont Fire Department.

Darvin Davis has worked at the mill for over nine years and is stunned by the discovery.

"I was just kind of surprised because I've never come to work, and seen anything like that, I mean we do work in a safe environment here," Davis said.

The body was discovered by a maintenance worker in this exhaust fan outside the plant before 10:00 a.m.

While the man was found this morning, Beaumont Police Department believes he was there for a long time.

"It appears the body was there for a while, so uh right now that's all we have. Of course it'll be treated like any other investigation, until it's deemed otherwise," Officer Haley Morrow said.

Davis hopes police discover who the person is.

He says he couldn't bear the thought that the man is someone he works with.

"I work with everybody, I know who I work with is in a pretty safe environment you know? So we just never have an incident or anything you know, everybody comes to work here and goes home," Davis said.