A Fannett woman wants to help Southeast Texas girls have a dress for their big dance.

Wanda Turmes started Beautiful Blessings Boutique after her and others helped out girls who needed dresses after the Deweyville floods in 2016.

Zoe Broussard picked out dresses ahead of Hamshire-Fannett High School’s homecoming week.

Broussard is happy she won’t have to break the bank to find the right dress.

"I'm on the Homecoming court so standing on the field and being able to walk in front of everyone, I'm very excited," Broussard said.

Breanna Ross, who graduated from Hamshire-Fannett in 2011, donated her senior prom dress,

"It's just really nice knowing that someone who may be struggling will be able to potentially wear this and have a bomb night," Ross said.

After Turmes assisted Deweyville, she approached Grace Community Church about starting a boutique to give out dresses for any occasion.

"After the flood, it became something that was for girls with disabilities and underprivileged girls that don't always have this opportunity, but this year we want to reach out beyond that," Turmes said.

So far, over 50 dresses were given out.

There’s 150 dresses and dozens of shoes waiting for anyone who needs them.

Turmes’ inspiration for starting the boutique came from her daughter.

"Brooke has always enjoyed dressing up and anytime we go anywhere putting on a pretty dress and spinning in it," Turmes said.

Broussard agrees that after the damage dealt by Harvey, helping girls get ready for Homecoming or Prom on a budget can be helpful.

"There's bigger things to focus on right now but they can still be kids while this stuff is happening," Broussard said.

Anyone looking to donate or receive a dress can come to Grace Community Church in Fannett.