Meatra Gilmore was found unconscious at a Shell gas station on the intersection of Interstate 10.

She was on the ground just feet away from the restroom, but if it wasn't for the fast response by first responders, she probably wouldn't have made it alive.

“It sends chills to my body, they were awesome, really awesome,” she says.

“They took really good care of me, they took me to the hospital on time and took really good care of me.”

A very emotional day it was, she looked back at the day she could have lost her life after suffering a cardiac arrest.

“I was told they shocked my body 2 to 3 times trying to resuscitate me,” she explains.

Meatra showed her gratitude at the Beaumont City Council meeting, thanking the paramedics that saved her life.

“I just ran what we all go through when we see someone unconscious. It worked out perfectly,” says David Narvaiz, a paramedic that helped attend Meatra.

But the encounter between paramedic and patient didn't end there.

“Once we get to the hospital, we don't get to know what happens. She came into our station and brought us brownies. We were shocked to see her even after a few weeks,” he explains.

Now Meatra is grateful to have another opportunity at life.

“I was able to celebrate Christmas with my family, along with New Years. God is good.” She says.

Meatra says she hopes to inspire others in thanking those who save lives every day.