Maddie Jones says her workout at Folsom Hike and Bike Trail turned sour last month when she ran across some unexpected visitors.

“I was calmly walking my dog down the trail down there and there were two loose dogs that approached mine and mine is not Fido friendly at all.” Jones said.

Jones is a pet parent and says the dogs were not on leashes and was scared of an altercation but luckily, that wasn’t the case.

Instead, she made a post on Facebook to remind people to keep their dogs on a leash at the park.

“It can be dangerous for a child. Like we don’t know if the dog is going to be aggressive or not and it can easily bite a child.” She said.

Dogs are required to be on a leash at all times within Beaumont city limits unless they are at a dog park.

Ashley Johnson was at Folsom Hike and Bike Trail on Wednesday with her nieces and nephews and agrees that people should obey the leash law at the park.

“I feel if a dog isn’t leashed or if a dog isn’t trained, then the dog shouldn’t be out here because any split second, a moment, a dog can attack!” Johnson told 12News.

A sign at the hike and bike trail is placed at the entrance enforcing people to put their pets on a leash as well as other park rules.

Violations of the rules should be reported to the Parks and Recreation Department by calling 409-835-7275.