A Beaumont woman was arrested and charged with attempted first-degree murder of police officer in Louisiana after being involved in an officer involved shooting that left her boyfriend dead.

A deputy in Evangeline Parish states that 21-year-old Dequince Brown bit him, and tried to choke him during a fight that involved Dejuan Guillory, Brown’s boyfriend.

A Deputy had responded to a call about a theft of an all-terrain vehicle just after 4:00a.m before he stopped the four-wheeler Guillory was driving. The deputy asked them for identification but neither could produce any.

Guillory struck the deputy in the head, knocking him to the ground, dazing him with a possible loss of consciousness” the State Police stated.

The Deputy then stood up, drew his gun and ordered Guillory to lie on the ground. Guillory complied with the officer but began to struggle with the deputy when he attempted to handcuff him according to State Police.

State Police stated that Brown approached the deputy from behind and jumped on his back and placed her arm around his neck, punching him, pulling his hair, and attempting to grab his gun.

According to the report, Brown stated “We are going to kill him” before the deputy shot Guillory and ordered Brown off of his back.

That account appears to be based on the deputy's statements to State Police investigators. Detectives also interviewed Brown, but her lawyer said the State Police report diverges from the account she gave him after her arrest.

After the first shot, Brown jumped on the Deputy’s back and bit him in the neck before the deputy fired three more shots at Guillory, according to Brown’s lawyer.

Brown was arrested and has since been released out on bond.

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