Every other Thursday its open mic night at Jerusalem Hookah Café in Beaumont.

A night two young stand-up comedians from Beaumont take over the stage for a chance to make people laugh.

“I don’t really talk about like politics or like big things. I try to stick to everyday relatable type topics because it’s a lot easier that way and I don’t want to hurt anybody’s feelings or upset anybody.” Said Tori Walker.

The 24-year-old just started stand-up comedy a couple of months ago and tells 12News she loves the spotlight.

And after seeing Kathy Griffin’s controversial picture of her holding a fake severed head of President Donald Trump, many are wondering when it is no longer comedy but crossing the line.

“First if they are not laughing or they get kind of hushed or they turn and look at other people or they looked shocked or they are shaking their head.” Walker said.

Griffin posted a video on social media on Tuesday apologizing for the image.

24-year-old Kevin Clay, also new to the comedy world, believes a comedian knows how far a “joke” can only go.

“As far as crossing the ling with material, you can, maybe. But I feel like it’s a lot harder to cross a line sort of speak with material that’s generally relatable than material that you’re intentionally putting out there.” He said.

CNN announced on Wednesday Griffin will not be back to host their New Year’s Eve coverage.

Griffin was also pulled from two other gigs including her ads with Squatty Potty.