Within the past couple of weeks as many as five instances have been reported of teens throwing rocks at cars from the over pass at South Martin Luther King Jr. Parkway onto Irving Ave. However, those are not the only times that this has happened. According to Officer Haley Morrow with the Beaumont Police Department, several people choose not to report the crime even though it can sometimes cause severe damage to the vehicle.

“There are some people who choose not file a police report,” said Morrow. “We encourage everyone to call and let us know if something like this is going on.”

Derek Stillwell is one of the people that chose not to report the damages to the police. But he says he unsure of why someone would want to damage another person’s property.

“I mean if you want to tear your own stuff up, have at it,” said Stillwell, who was on his way home from work when the incident happened. “I don’t know why you would want to tear somebody else’s up. Especially multiple people, you know.”

Officer Morrow says that although the detectives are still working the case, they encourage parents to speak with their kids about what could happen if they are caught doing something like this.

“Our Juvenile Detectives are looking into it,” said Morrow. “But we want to encourage parents to talk to their kids about consequences that could come from criminal mischief, and get involved with things like that.”