Slowly but surely, restaurants in Beaumont are expected to reopen soon and one place is already up and running.

The West Bar and Grill closed for three days during Harvey but the process of reopening wasn’t quite easy.

“After being shut down a couple of days, first of all, we come in and we go ahead and disregard and throw away all the food that we had from the previous days.” Said Mike Hamilton, owner of The West.

Hamilton explained staff had to wash everything in the kitchen from pots and pans to shelves using a compartment system used in restaurants.

On Monday, Audrey and Bill Bridges were happy to be back at their usual spot at The West to grab some food and drinks.

“They have great food and cold beer!” said Audrey.

Even with a boil water notice in effect in Beaumont, the kitchen remains open.

“Most of the cooking stuff we do now, we use bottled water and then we still boil that just to make sure everything is okay.” Said Hamilton.

The restaurant is currently using plastic cups, Styrofoam plates, and plastic silverware to avoid dishes due to the boil water notice.

However, Hamilton said his customers feel a sort of “normalcy” after Harvey and wants to make sure they receive the best hot meal they’ve been craving for.

“One thing is we don’t want anyone getting sick.” He said.

The West Bar and Grill is operating on special hours for now from 11 a.m. to 12 a.m.