The City of Beaumont is continuing its efforts to get their water supply running at full capacity.

City crews along with private companies have been working around the clock.

This leaves Beaumont residents like Amy Newman under a boil water notice since September 1.

"It's not good that we don't have water to cook with or clean our food off with or to wash our hands," Newman said.

Newman says the water pressure in her home varies at times.

Today, the city posted a statement updating the water situation, saying:

“Crews continue to work to stabilize our water facilities. In order to have TCEQ (Texas Commission on Environmental Quality) lift our boil water notice, the temporary pumps have to keep a specified continuous pressure throughout the city. No facilities or fire hydrants can be under water. We are actively monitoring for water line breaks to keep contamination out. The water is also tested to ensure appropriate levels of disinfection to prevent disease.”

Newman is fully stocked up on water bottles but she is hoping her main water supply returns back to normal.

"It's terrible, I have diabetes so I have to watch what I eat, and I have to wash my food really good so it's good, and not being able to wash my food right now is dangerous to my health," Newman said.

Many residents and officials are feeling the impact of the city’s water shortage.

Beaumont Fire Rescue Chief Scott Wheat tells 12 News that fire hydrants are available to use but they also have a backup supply of water tenders.

Wheat says the city has been fortunate they have not had to deal with fires in town since the city’s water supply shorted out.

12 News has reached out to City Manager Kyle Hayes, Director of Public Works Dr. Joe Majdalani and Mayor Becky Ames for additional comment.