Two out of four jugging cases were reported in Beaumont, while the other two occurred in Groves and other areas of Jefferson County.

“Juggers” wait for a person to leave the bank with cash, then follow you by car to a separate location where they break into your car or attempt to rob a victim.

Karen Crutchfield says she tries to stay safe while getting money from the ATM to avoid a potential robbery.

“Be mindful of your surroundings, trying to use ATMs that are not secluded or in a box or something like that,” Crutchfield said.

Beaumont police officer Carol Riley says in each of the last four cases, the “jugger” followed the victim from a bank and then smashed the vehicle window and took money.

In one case, a woman was followed from a Wells Fargo on Gladys Avenue and Major Drive.

"She left the bank, had her child in the vehicle, got down for a moment. Before she got back into her car, the person had busted the window out, took the money or took a bag they felt that the money was in, and didn't mess with the child but probably scared the child," Officer Riley said.

Crutchfield thinks that others need to be aware of their surroundings.

"We need to be mindful, play the 'What if?' game all the time, what if this happens, what if this happens, what will I do if this happens. Just play the mind game and be very cautious of where you go," Crutchfield said.

Beaumont police are still investigating the “jugging” incidents. No arrests have been made in any of the last cases.

Police advise people to conceal money before leaving the bank, never openly carry bank bags, envelopes or coin boxes. They say do not leave or hide a bank bag in your vehicle when you exit at your next destination, even if it’s your residence.

Police urge people to call 911 if you suspect you are being targeted.