The Beaumont man who was killed after leading police on a high speed chase from Jefferson County to Baytown on Tuesday was a local rapper who had been in trouble with the law before.

Ivory C. Pantallion,36, of Beaumont, was also known as "Ivory P" and claimed to be affiliated with UGK Records.

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Pantallion also had a criminal record and had been arrested on several serious charges in the past that were eventually dismissed.

In one 2013 case the grand jury chose not to indict him.

In 2011 Pantallion pleaded guilty to "evading arrest and detention with a vehicle." in Harris County.

Pantallion was also featured in the documentary "Cross Country Pimping 2"

WARNING: Video contains graphic language. Ivory P appears at 04:36 into the video.

Pantallion was shot and killed by police Tuesday after he led them on a high speed chase from Jefferson County to Baytown on Tuesday.

He was shot and killed by DPS Troopers and Jefferson County deputies when he brandished a weapon at them after wrecking out in Baytown according to the Texas DPS.

Pantallion was driving a 1998 Mercedes SUV and fled when Jefferson County Sheriff’s deputies attempted to pull him over for a traffic violation on west bound Interstate Ten at mile marker 840 west of the Goodyear plant just before 9 a.m. according to a release from the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office.

Police say Pantallion attempted to strike a Baytown Police officer as Baytown Police attempted to stop the SUV with a spike strip when it entered Baytown at Main Street.

Pantallion wrecked the SUV on the interstate near Main Street in Baytown and then brandished a weapon at Jefferson County deputies and DPS Troopers before being shot and killed by the officers.

No officers were injured in the shooting or chase and Pantallion was pronounced dead at the scene according to the release.

Police are unsure why Pantallion fled and are continuing to investigate the release said.