A WalletHub study finds that the Beaumont and Port Arthur area falls at 141 among 150 major U.S. cities regarding education.

Wendell Smith is a Lamar University graduate and spent over a decade teaching music and math in Washington. He says the study’s findings were concerning.

"If that particular study is pretty accurate then that's not a good sign for Beaumont educational achievement," Smith said.

Researchers compiled data on where the most educated Americans are putting their degrees to work.

WalletHub ranked Beaumont at 141 based on a score that was calculated from nine different categories that measured educational attainment, the quality of education and the attainment gap.

Educational attainment awarded 20 points each for four categories including the share of adults 25 years or older with a high school diploma, at least some college experience, a bachelor's degree and adults with a graduate or professional degree.

The quality of education and attainment gap awarded a total of 20 points for public school systems, the average quality of universities, enrolled students in the top 231 universities, the racial education gap, and the gender education gap.

One positive from the study is that the Beaumont and Port Arthur area holds one of the smallest gender education gaps.

Smith believes that education matters to people in Beaumont.

He hopes that teachers get the support they need to allow kids to have a brighter future.

"I think the teachers are not given the kind of sway they need to in order to deal with each kid on an individual basis as much as they can," Smith said.

You can find more details on the study here.