Beaumont police need your help locating two men suspected of stealing credit card information when customers swipe their cards at the gas pump.

Officers said the pair is making purchases and ATM withdrawals with stolen credit card information.

"This is not the first time, it's definitely not going to be the last time," said Beaumont Police Detective Lisa Jardine.

Beaumont Police started getting credit card abuse cases in October and are linking four cases to one pump at a gas station. Police did not tell 12 news which gas stations are having skimmer problems.

"They are taking the skimmers, the information from the skimmers and loading it on other credit cards," said Jardine.

Police said the suspects have taken $5,000 from the accounts. In other parts of the Golden Triangle, other residents are having a similar problem.

"I had to cancel my accounts last time and you have to wait for that and do the same things again," said Silsbee resident Frankie Frank.

Police are also investigating to see if the suspects are connected with cases in other cities like Orange.