Caught on camera suspects sneaking toward a vehicle in an auto burglary Friday morning, one of the suspects is seen holding a gun.

This was just one out of 13 reported auto burglaries.

Police urge the community to speak up if you see something.

In the surveillance video, a group of men is seen, one flaunting a handgun.

They approach a red truck in Beaumont's west end, trying to break in.

Once the alarm comes on, the apparent burglars run off.

"It's terrible," says Mary Mize, Resident of Beaumont.

"I have faith that people will take care of stuff, It makes a big difference," she says.

A scary thought for Mize, this burglary attempt was one of over a dozen reported this morning to the Beaumont Police Department

The first dispatch was sent out 4:30 AM on the 400 block of Norvell, and the last one at 9:11 AM on the 41 hundred block of Delaware Street.

Here's a list of dispatches:

— JuanRodríguez 12News (@_JuanRodriguez_) July 12, 2017

"These guys are carrying guns," says Officer Carol Riley, with the Beaumont Police Department.

"We know guns were taken out of the vehicles," Officer Riley says.

"Don't leave them in your vehicles, make sure they are secured and they are not left in your cars," She says.

This auto burglary is crime caught on camera, hoping the community helps out in finding those responsible.

"It's got to be taken care of," Mize says.

"It won't get better unless it's taken care of," She exclaims.

Police are asking for information.

If you know any of the people on the surveillance video, make sure to call Crime Stoppers to 409-833-TIPS.

CLICK HERE to report a burglary incident.