While taking a ride around the streets of Beaumont Thursday, Officer Haley Morrow remembered when five officers were ambushed in Dallas a year ago.

Because of that tragedy, she’s already seen a rise of support when it comes to backing the blue.

“That was a good thing that came out of a terrible tragedy I think is a lot of people realize how dangerous it is being a person because that’s what we are, we are just normal people who choose to wear a badge every day.” She said.

Morrow explained the department also added new security measures since the shooting last year.

Later this summer, each Beaumont police officer will be wearing a body camera.

“It’s a really controversial subject, but we are actually very excited about the body cams. It’s not just to protect the officers, it’s to protect the public as well.”

Shortly after the Dallas shooting on officers, Beaumont Police Department received tactical body armors thanks to the community.

It protects officers during an active shooter situation or something worse.

“There’s not an officer in our department or in any department across the country that hasn’t thought about the possibility that they may not come home one night.” Morrow said.

Beaumont Police Department reaches out to the community in various ways such as Coffee with a Cop, Cops and Kids Carnival, and Police Forums.

“We are truly trying to reach out to the community and every neighborhood in every part of the city.”

Despite the rise of fatal shootings, Morrow believes good actions will always defeat the negative.

“I think what we want is people to know is that we are people too.” She said.

Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office will also be turning on their emergency lights on Friday in honor of the fallen officers in Dallas.