Three men police believe were looking for things to steal out of parked cars were arrested early Tuesday for evading arrest.

Shortly after 1 a.m. officers were called to the 500 block of Dowlen Road where the men were reportedly pulling on car door handles to see if they were unlocked. A police spokesperson said the men ran from police as they got out of the patrol car. The three were quickly taken into custody.

Officers questioned the suspects, then took them to the Jefferson County jail.

The suspects are identified as Jacorry Green, 17; Stephen Michael Wilkerson, 17, and Deondre Guillory Briggs, 20. All three are from Beaumont.

Beaumont police have been busy with auto burglary cases. Officers were called to 11 cases of theft from cars between 6 a.m. Monday and 6 a.m. Tuesday.