A third generation pharmacist in Beaumont said his business was targeted Monday by burglars for the third time this year.

Beaumont police are searching for two suspects who burglarized the “Lovoi and Sons” pharmacy off of Fannin St. on Monday morning around 3:30 a.m.

Police are also trying to determine if there is a connection to the Port Arthur “Kings Pharmacy” burglary that took place on July 14.

Jasper Lovoi is the owner of the pharmacy which has been in business for 85 years.

He explains this year he’s had to deal with thieves three times.

"You work so hard to accomplish something and then someone breaks in here at the middle of the night some little punk or punks and they are going to break in here and try and harm your business," said Lovoi.

Beaumont police said another suspect attempted to burglarize his store about a month ago. Lovoi said he believes the man tried to break in through the front door.

"We've had them break through side doors and front doors and anyway they could get in like a bunch of roaches," said Lovoi.

Once the thieves broke inside the store they stole Promethazine cough syrup, 300 tablets worth of a muscle relaxer and three bottles of hydrocodone. Lovoi said he lost $5,000 worth of medicine.

He explained he also had to turn away some customers who were picking up their medicine the day after the burglary.

“We went a day with no medication for certain people, we had to reorder and it took us another day to get it in so it affected our patients for sure,” said Lovoi.

On Wednesday morning at 1:30 a.m. an attempted burglary took place at the McMakin Pharmacy on Gladys Ave according to Beaumont Police. They arrested 21-year-old Samuel Mcreary of Beaumont. Police said he had over $9,000 dollars in property from another burglary and admitted to attempting to burglarize the pharmacy.

“Every pharmacy is being hit especially the independent pharmacists the guys who have the most to lose," said Lovoi.

Lovoi wants to warn other burglars to watch out because he has surveillance cameras that will record their every move.