Many park visitors who visit Collier’s Ferry Park in Beaumont are concerned about safety, after 7-year-old Kenneth Haynes Jr. drowned there on Sunday.

There are signs at the park warning about the Neches River's strong currents but park visitors still want more supervision.

"What’s concerning to me is the amount of children who come down here unattended, swimming in the summer time especially," said park visitor Jon Mcmillon.

He's visited the park since it first opened but thinks more supervision needs to be implemented to prevent tragedies from happening.

"You need a lifeguard, it’s a public park they have them at a swimming pool,” said McMillon. “I don’t know why you can’t use them at a public park.”

He also complains he's noticed adults drinking at the park but he is not implying that alcohol was involved in the drowning accident Sunday night.

"It gets out of hand pretty much every weekend," said McMillon.

The park has two signs that warn visitors about the strong currents in the river. The visitors are also not allowed to drink at the park.

Another sign suggests people swim with a partner and wear life jackets. However, other visitors like Judy Green do not think this is enough.

"There are so many kids unsupervised so we just need more supervision," said Green.

Witnesses told 12news that Haynes father was at the park but explain the current quickly swept the child away.

12 news reached out to the Beaumont Interim Parks and Recreation Director Jimmy Neale.

He said the park is not looking into additional supervision at this time. He explained the park does not plan on putting a fence or rope around the river because it would be hard for people to access the water.