A Beaumont mother and baby girl are reunited after her child was stuck in the back seat of a stolen car early Friday Morning.

The mother, 19 year-old Amber McMahon, said she could hardly breathe when she found out her three month old child Azelia Jenkins was missing.

"To have something like that happen, it really hurts," said McMahon.

Her boyfriend who is the father of the baby picked up Azelia from his mother’s house and stopped by a convenience store. He left his car running with his little girl inside the car when he went inside the store on the 1400 block of Washington Blvd.

Beaumont police said 34 year-old Marlin Seale jumped into the car and fled.

McMahon said she heard the news from her boyfriend’s mother who called her in tears.

"I was still stuck, like my baby was in a car with a total stranger," said Jenkins.

Police received the call about the robbery at 2 a.m. They found the stolen car in Port Arthur in the 600 block of West Gulfway drive and arrested Seale but Azelia was not inside the vehicle.

McMahon said she was still at home, sick with worry while her boyfriend went and searched everywhere.

"I was like where is my baby, someone just like took her and she was just so small,” said McMahon.

Luckily police found the little girl about an hour later, still strapped in the car seat on a front porch in the 2800 block of Sarah Street on Beaumont’s south end.

When McMahon got there she immediately ran to her daughter.

"I was just rocking her back and forth watching her smile and she was still happy," said McMahon.

McMahon said she's only lived in Beaumont for a month and plans on going back home to Houston with her baby.

Seale is currently in the Jefferson County Correctional Center where he is being held on the unauthorized Use of a motor vehicle and endangering a child charges as well as a family assault with probation hold from a previous case according to jailers.

His bond has not yet been set.