A 25 year old Beaumont mom was arrested on DWI charges after fleeing from police with her child in her lap

Joinae Loreal Powell, 25, was arrested and charged with "evading detention with a motor vehicle" and "DWI with a child passenger" after she fled when police found her unconscious in the driver's seat of a car with her three year-old child in her lap according to a release from the Beaumont Police Department.

Shortly after midnight Monday morning an officer spotted Powell in her car stopped in the road in the area of Lucas and Eastex according to the release.

When the officer attempted to make contact with Powell she woke up and sped away with the child in her lap the release said.

Powell was finally apprehended after driving through the intersection of Laurel and the Interstate Ten access road, jumping the curb and then crossing several lanes of traffic on the interstate before crashing into the concrete divider in the middle of the interstate according to the release.

Officers were then able to separate her from her child and take her into custody before transporting her to the hospital to be checked out the release said.

Once Powell was cleared by medical staff she was taken to the Jefferson County Correctional Facility.

Her child was not injured and was released into the custody of a family member after CPS was notified the release said.