A Beaumont man is gearing up in creating a 32-inch sword after a new Texas law will soon make it legal to walk in public places with a sword, knife or even machete.

Starting September the 1st you will be allowed to openly carry your own blades.

"I'm making a sword to carry for the first day," says Rob Flurry.

With the start of September, any blade over 5 and a half inches, which is currently illegal, will become legal.

This new law includes daggers, spears, swords, bowie knives, and even machetes.

The law change was made possible by Texas House Bill 1935, which was signed into law this past legislative session.

"That's going to get old really quick, carrying a big blade is a pain in the butt," Flurry says.

And with this new law change, he says there's a growth in his blacksmith business.

"I know the pain in carrying a large blade, and the first day is probably going to be the only day," Flurry explains.

For more information, you can call (409) 880-1750.

The new law permits business owners to block anyone from bringing a knife on their property.

They will not be allowed at schools, bars, hospitals or churches.

Businesses are allowed to post signs prohibiting anyone from bringing a knife to their properties.

Do you agree with this new Texas law?

— JuanRodríguez 12News (@_JuanRodriguez_) July 22, 2017