One person is dead and another is in custody following a shooting at the 5000 block of Brace drive Sunday morning.

Police responded to the residence at 7:29 a.m. Sunday morning.

"It was traumatic, very traumatic," Edward Stewart Jr. described what Everett Mitchell Jr.’s family was going through on Sunday morning.

Stewart provided comfort as a chaplain of the Beaumont Police Department after hearing about the 32-year-old’s death.

"We have to bear one another's burden because it takes all of us to get through this, and family and friends, but we also let the police department do their job," Stewart said.

Stewart says he will continue to offer the family help when they need it.

"The family will get through this by the grace of God and through prayer, we can do this. And so we pray God, strength for that family that's going through that bereavement," Stewart said.

Everett Maurice Mitchell Jr. was found dead at the scene. He was found on the driveway at the residence.

(Everett Maurice Mitchell Jr.)

Deremick Jamaal Hunter, a 33-year-old Beaumont man has been arrested for the murder of Mitchell. He was questioned earlier in the day because he was a person of interest.

Hunter had fled the scene after the shooting, in a 1999 Gold Delta 88. He was driving Eastbound in the 8700 block of Lawrence drive at a high rate of speed when he ran off the road and into a ditch. He struck a parked black Ford F250 and fled the scene on foot.

One of Hunter’s family members brought him to the station to speak to police several hours after the crash.

Hunter has been transported to the Jefferson County Correctional Facility.