A brand new festival made it's way to downtown Beaumont giving the local artist the opportunity to showcase their talent.

Bands, food trucks and all sorts of entertainment took place at the Grand Americana Music Festival.

"It's a festival that's new for all of us and we're all making an effort to present something different," says Ines Alvidres, an artist based in Beaumont.

For Alvidres, it's a way of expressing her passion.

"I do painting, work with kid's and that's what I bring to the festival's table," she says.

Ines is an artist from Beaumont, she says her paintings come from the heart.

Like her, dozens of local artists showed their work at the Great Americana Music Festival.

"We're all about music and sharing our passion, and my passion is painting," She explains.

"A lot of people are moving back to Beaumont from Austin and Dallas and there are so many festivals," says Lenny Caballero, director of Beaumont event facilities.

The city of Beaumont is working to increase the arts and entertainment around the city through events like this,

"For me, the goal is to show that there's a lot to do in Beaumont," says Caballero.

"Beaumont is not boring, there's a lot we can do," he says.

Creating exposure for Ines' artwork while encouraging local talent to showcase.

"There is never going to be enough artists, only you can do what you do, and if you don't do it, no one is ever going to see it," Alvidres says.

If you missed out on the Great Americana Music Festival, head over to www.DiscoverBeaumont.com for a calendar of events going on around Beaumont.