There were lots of tears and fond memories during the funeral for Lt. Ky Brown.

Dozens of officers attended from across the Golden Triangle to pay respects to the 32 year Beaumont Police veteran at the Julie Rogers theater.

One of the officers was his former riding partner from 1985.

“He immediately became a leader at the police department just like he was a leader in everything else he ever done," said his friend Jimmy Ellison.

His other friends form the Beaumont Police department spoke highly of him.

Sergeant Randy Moss said he chose Lt. Brown as the person who would notify his wife if anything ever happened to him in the line of duty.

"Because I knew he could trust that he would be compassionate and caring and would have same calming affect that he has on me and so many other officers when speaking with my wife,” said Sergeant Moss.

Chief Jimmy Singletary talked about how Lt. Brown rose through the ranks from Sergeant to Lieutenant then SWAT team commander.

He also shared funny stories about him which caused the crowd to erupt in laughter.

"You want to keep it light because I knew Ky would have wanted it that way, but you try to hit high points and let everyone know how much we loved him and how much we respected him,” said Chief Singletary.

That love and respect was shown by dozens of people who stood in silence as Lt. Brown’s coffin was taken from the theater.

Dozens of police cars with their flashing lights followed Lt. Brown’s family members as they went to the Magnolia cemetery off Pine St.

“He had a fighter’s heart, a warrior’s heart but I think what he realized that he is not going to win this battle he went out with dignity he went out on his own terms like they said at the service today he met the big man today at his own terms,” said Lt. Brown.