The Rotary Club in Beaumont is working to help bring clean water to the less fortunate in South America.

For the past few weeks, 2 members worked in Nicaragua to help with the building of water wells in various communities.

“I think I was in culture shock, you can see photos and people give presentations, but until you see a severe need, it's a huge culture shock,” says Rotary Club member Denise Berry.

It’s the sound of running water, a privilege many in Nicaragua don't have.

“Clean water is a bit of an issue in Nicaragua, and Rotary is helping to support well clean waters, so we went and checked out the sites where we'll have holes drilled in them,” says Jay Wilson, another of the Rotary volunteers.

Jay Wilson and Denise Berry are a couple of the many helpers who made their way to Nicaragua.

Their mission, to help educate the communities on how to use the brand new wells.

So far they've watched well 473 get drilled while there.

The average cost per well is 2,500 dollars, depending on conditions.

Over 450,000 people have helped so far, that equates to $2.60 per person to bring clean water to human beings.

Close to 500 wells have already been built, providing clean water to thousands of children.

“The parasites and malnutrition are a big deal, they need clean drinking water,” says Berry.

“Kids aren't able to grow like us who take water for granted,” she explains.

It's a prayer being answered, and the blessing making their way to Nicaragua from Southeast Texas.

“When you get there, it reality sets in,” says Berry.

“You put on your wonder woman cape and try to figure out how to get there people some clean running water,” she explains.

The group says the ultimate goal is to help build at least 30 to 40 wells each year to those in Nicaragua living in poverty.

If you are interested in helping out, here’s a link to their Facebook Page.