A Beaumont family has a lot to be thankful this Thanksgiving after receiving some generous donations just in time for the holidays.

The donations have allowed Mark and Jamie Evans to get back into their Harvey battered home in time for the holiday season.

New carpeting, furniture, appliances and supplies came from Conn's Home Plus and the Somebody Cares disaster relief organization.

Pastor Kennedy Andrews had been looking for a family that the charity could help out for two or three weeks when he happened to stop at the Evans home.

"At first we couldn't find any place to stay so at first we were sleeping in the truck for about two weeks or three weeks before we could find a hotel and get to see some sort of normalcy," said Jaime Evans.

Normalcy was hard to come by for the Evans family even before Harvey tore through Southeast Texas as Jamie had to go to dialysis three times a week.

When Beaumont lost its water supply the family had to take Jamie to Jasper for dialysis even though some of the roads were still flooded.

"It was flooded everywhere we just got in the truck and let it float through the river we had to get her to dialysis so we was gone for about three weeks and when we got back everything was ruined," Mark said.

Mark Evans had given the now Harvey battered home to his family as a Christmas surprise.

"He actually wrapped the front of it in gift wrapping and we had to tear it open and everything it was really nice," Jaime said.

"I've been working on the house myself, I've done everything myself, gutted it," Mark said.

Completing the project proved too much to handle alone according to Mark and that's when he says God intervened putting pastor Andrews outside his 7th Street home.

"He stopped by when I was out here working and hauling more of this stuff out of here and he was like 'man you're doing all of this yourself,' yes, I am I'm trying to get my family here for Thanksgiving," Mark recalled.

When all the work was done the Evans received everything they needed to get back into their home.

"Now we have everything we need," Mark said.

"I'm so thankful and I'm so blessed its just, its overwhelming and im just oh God, its just so thankful. I am so thankful.," Jamie explained.

The family also received a voucher for a thanksgiving turkey, as well as holiday gift baskets, gift cards, and certificates to get their hair cut and styled for the holidays.