Two men from Beaumont are taking the bid to become NASA's "Planetary Protection Officer," their mission would be to ensure alien life, doesn't make its way back to earth in a space ship.

That's a lot of responsibility for one person which is why the job comes with six- figure pay of up to $187,000 a year.

Akshay Sutrave and Elijah Hankins graduated from West Brook high school in 2012.

After graduation, one went to Lamar University and the other at the University of Houston, both graduating with engineering degrees.

"It always intrigued me as a kid," Sutrave says.

Dazed in a childhood dream, these two men submitted their bid to "protect the earth."

"Saw that it only required a STEM field degree so I applied," Hankins.

But unlike the movie "Men In Black," this position ensures that other alien organisms don't contaminate planet earth.

"When the position came online it attracted me because I'll be working with NASA to protect earth from alien pathogens," Sutrave says.

"It's really hard to find a job nowadays," Hankins says.

"So I'm applying anywhere where my degree takes me," he says.

Once both applications were submitted, they both received their confirmation letters.

"At that moment I knew that all you have to do is try, if you don't you never know if you will succeed," Sutrave says.

It's shooting for the moon for these two engineering college graduates, hoping to get a chance to land at least among the stars.

"Keep trying and don't doubt your abilities," Sutrave says.

"If you don't at least try, you probably won't even get the job," he says.

Despite it being a long shot, both Sutrave and Hankins hope to inspire others who haven't found a job after college encouraging others to just keep on looking.

Here's a look at the resume for both Sutrave and Hankins:

Elijah Hankins Resume by 12NewsNow on Scribd

Akshay Sutrave by 12NewsNow on Scribd

Two West Brook high school graduates who have applied to take on the role as Planetary Protection Officer for @NASA

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