The Beaumont Dream Center is hoping to use the former Al Price youth facility located on highway 69 as a drug rehabilitation center.

The former state juvenile correctional facility has been vacant since 2011 and has cost the county approximately 60 thousand dollars a year in utilities.

Director of the Beaumont Dream Center, Mike Connor presented the Dream Center’s 15 year lease offer to the Jefferson County Commissioners Monday morning.

The Beaumont Dream Center’s mission is to provide resources for people struggling with addictions, disadvantage youth, and victims of human trafficking.

Cenly Smith, an intern with Beaumont dream center found healing at the Dream Center located in Los Angeles after years of drug abuse.

Smith attended the county commissioners meeting in order to convey how they would use the facility.

"I know if the dream center came here to Beaumont, that we would lower the crime rate, I know these men and women would find the hope they need in education, mobility and pride in themselves to go out and make a difference in the community” stated Smith.

The Center strives to help families that live in poverty in Southeast Texas by providing clothing, food, and spiritual needs.

If the lease gets approved by the county commissioners, the lease will be put as an item on the agenda at the next meeting in order to discuss a lease agreement.

You can find the Beaumont Dream Center’s web page here.

“The Beaumont Dream Center’s purpose is to reconnect isolated people to God and a community of support by providing human services that address immediate and long-term needs. We do this by taking a holistic Body/Soul/Spirit approach of focusing on the physical needs, emotional needs, and spiritual needs” stated the Dream Center’s Facebook page.