Beaumont city council members approved a 2% increase to all civilian employees as well as the City Manager, City Attorney, City Clerk and Chief Magistrate.

6 out of 7 council members voted for the raise on Tuesday. Councilman Mike Getz voted against it.

Getz spoke to 12News and said he disagreed on the decision saying: "I don't think the timing is good because you have so many citizens here in Jefferson County and in Beaumont that have lost so much due to Hurricane Harvey that I just think that it looks a little unseemly for people that are making over $100,000 a year."

According to Mayor Becky Ames, all civilian employees received the same 2% with police and fire departments receiving 2% and 2.5% respectively per their union contract.

"I think that not just the four of us that work for council, but for all city employees its well worth the two percent. I think a lot of employees are excited they lost everything and they can use that two percent on their checks." said Tina Broussard, City of Beaumont City Clerk.

Broussard explains this is the end of the city's fiscal year and that the 2% increase was in their budget.