35-year-old Cedathion Dill's murder marked the 9th homicide in Beaumont this year. The crime wave has prompted Beaumont pastors to get involved.

A group met today to discuss plans for a gun buyback program that will take guns off the streets and put 100-dollar gift cards in the hands of people who turn them over.

"I think it’s awesome, I think its God led," said Arthur Louis, a Beaumont resident and 30-year former principle at BISD.

The former principle says that the gathering was a step in the right direction in the fight against gun violence.
"It breaks my heart that I'm living here and there is so much violence," said Louis.

Last month, Cedathion Rashard Dill was killed at the Pointe North Apartments off Magnolia Avenue.

"The hurt is overwhelming to watch and have to be near people that have to plan funerals," said John Adolph, a Senior Pastor at Antioch Missionary Baptist Church.

Leaders at the gather say that the upcoming gun buy backs is not meant to undermine legal gun owners in Beaumont.

"What we are asking people to help us remove illegal firearms that can be used for illegal use, off the streets," said Adolph.

The pastor says that no names will be exchanged during the gun buy back and gift cards will be given to each person who turns one in.

"This is the first something that we chose to do and it seems to have a good following so far," said Adolph.

Louis says that he wants to see more action taken by the community in identifying troubled teen before it’s too late.

"The churches need to get involved and each church will combine together to make this possible," said Louis.
The buyback will begin on August 4th from 3:00pm to 9:00pm at wards, one, three, and four in Beaumont.