As long as she's got the right gear, Beaumont woman Dayna Rothenberger says that she doesn't mind riding her bike in the cold.

"People still have to go to work, people still have to go to the store and some people don't have cars to do it. Use your bicycle and you just accommodate yourself with it," Rothenberger said.

It may be a little windy but Dayna Rothenberger keeps on pedaling.

As long as she's got gloves, a windbreaker, and something to keep her face warm, she doesn't mind riding her bicycle miles from her North End home to her two jobs every day.

"Unless it's raining really bad, if it's cold and wet, no. If it's just going to rain in the summertime I'll still ride my bike," Rothenberger said.

Rothenberger's commitment to two wheels is matched by many, although she did recently get a car.

Rothenberger has worked at Bicycle Sports on 11th Street for a few months. She says dozens come to bicycle sports on Wednesday nights for a social ride.

"Tonight we're not going to be doing it because too many people have been calling in about being cold. It's cold, Southeast Texas doesn't get below freezing temperatures that last for a couple of days very often," Rothenberger said.

"It's not ideal but it's still manageable with the right attitude and the right equipment," Rothenberger said.

Bicycle Sports says as long as weather conditions are fair they do not anticipate canceling the social ride next week.