Wearing his Astros hat, in his bright orange Astros shirt, and holding his brand new Astros cooler, it’s safe to say Kevin Lindstrom Is ready to watch his favorite team in the World Series.

“I get a little emotional,” said Lindstrom. “I get pumped up and I get a little excited sometimes. And my wife gets onto me but I have a good time doing it and everything.”

Lindstrom has been watching the Astros for fifty five years back when they were the Colt. 45’s. The man loves the game.

“I guess back when Joe Morgan that tells you how long I’ve been (watching),” said Lindstrom. “And Jimmy Wynn, and Rusty Staub years ago. “It's just the atmosphere. I love baseball, I’ve coached it. I've coached national baseball congress division. I’ve been to the World Series twice in it.”

And the decision to root for the ‘Stros has always been easy for the Beaumont native.

“Just been a Houston fan forever,” said Lindstrom. “Just like I hated when the Oilers left Houston. So I became a Texans fan. I’m a cowboys fan because they’re local. You know just the local teams, the closest ones.”

Of course his prediction for Tuesday night’s World Series opener might have been a little predictable.

“Ah, Astros,” exclaimed Lindstrom. “Don’t know the score yet. But it’s going to be a tough pitching duel tonight. But if their bats come alive like they have the past few nights at home. They’ll do a good job.”