Thousands of athletes coming together in Beaumont for the 8th annual Gusher Marathon Saturday morning.

The marathon started at the Lamar University Montagne Center with the course making its way around the entire campus.

The excitement out here was incredible, they had bands and people cheering on the runners, but for one 13-year-old runner from Lumberton, he says he’s not going to let asthma slow him down.

It's a race to the finish line, thousands of runners wait in line for the start of the annual marathon.

Out of a sea of sneakers, one pair showed extra spunk.

It was those of the guy sporting number 1270.

“I started running with my dad about a year ago,” says 13-year-old Jackson Harwell.

“We started running around the neighborhood,” he explains.

Jackson and his father Jarrod of Lumberton are 2 of the many participants in the marathon.

Knew it would be an intense race, it's a race against time, and with every step a deep breath for Jackson.

Leaving behind the thought of being diagnosed with asthma.

“He fights through it and keeps trying,” says his father Jarrot.

Taking deep breaths with every curve of the course and across campus.

“I was thinking I will finish this, and never give up and keep going,” Jackson explains.

The thought of never giving up kept Jackson pushing to the end.

“Just hoping I can finish, it's kind of hard,” he says.

At a short of breath, it’s an inhale of life through his inhaler for Jackson, the little champion makes it to the finish line.

“He's struggled with asthma but he kept going,” his dad says.

Proving that the difference between "try" and "triumph", is that little dose of "umph"

“I'm so proud of him!” Jarrot says.

“Thank you for pushing me,” he son exclaims.

Jackson says he hopes others use a challenge like his asthma, to find a hobby like he has in running