Southeast Texas plumbers are finding plenty of business as you might have predicted, the freezing temperatures are causing pipes to burst.

"These are days you wish you have chosen a different vocation," says Henry LaRocca, Who has been a plumber for over 40 years.

"Things will be blown out within the next few days, so work is going to get heavier," LaRocca says.

The hard freeze is putting him and his co-worker Greg Prejean to work.

"It's not an easy task," LaRocca says.

Low temperatures are causing water to freeze and pipes to break making Prejean to digging in fixing the problem.

"Who knew playing in a sand box as a little kid will prepare you for later on," he says, and now he is using those long learn skills to dig up pipe leaks.

These breaks are caused by a water contraction with the temperature.

When the water freezes, the pipes expand cause them to break, it's something that can be prevented by pipe insulation.

"Turn your water off, displace the water in your pipes and insulate your pipes as much as you can," says LaRocca.

Water won't freeze if it's moving so he suggests to leave a water drip to keep it from freezing.

"These tips are well worth it as opposed to having us to get this fixed," Prejean says.