One Beaumont artist says he's excited to see more art like this spread around the city. The Beaumont Convention and Visitors Bureau is giving artists the chance to paint murals in downtown Beaumont.

Greg Busceme, the executive director of The Art Studio, Inc. says he is excited to see art pop up beyond the walls of the Franklin street studio.

"This is something that's been stewing for years,” Busceme said.

“We've always been talking about downtown murals, we always see it in other cities and how it's a big attraction and it gives people a feel for what's different, new and inviting about the city itself," Busceme said.

The Beaumont CVB shares that vision as well. Executive director Dean Cowell says they are fronting $15,000 in funds which will help pay the artists to beautify downtown.

"It'll be jobs for them and it's a creation that'll last a long time,” Cowell said.

“I look at downtown with so many buildings that look just like a large canvas, and I think it'll really dress up the building," Cowell said.

Busceme hopes the canvases and future murals will inspire the community.

"I see it as a generational thing, it's an important part of this community that can be here for a very long time," Busceme said.

Cowell says they have not picked exact locations for the murals yet, but anticipates painting to start as early as next month.