An Arbitration hearing is postponed until further notice for fired Port Arthur Police detective Mickey Sterling

Sterling was fired in June due to allegations of insubordination and untruthfulness.

The arbitrator, Don B. Hays, said the main reason the hearing was postponed is because many of the witnesses who were issued subpoenas have not showed up to the hearing to testify.

He said he is looking into possibly having a district court order subpoenas to require witnesses to testify.

Earlier in testimony Bettye Lynn who is representing the city asked about Sterling’s income tax returns and work records from 2008, 2009, 2011 and 2014 that she subpoenaed three days before the hearing.

Lynn said those records would prove that Sterling was double dipping at work.

The defense attorney, Rob Thomas, said Sterling gave over all the information he had. He explained once Sterling was fired in June his personal files were locked in his office or lost.

During recess, Sterling was escorted into the police station to look for work records but the arbitrator said only a few receipts were found.

The arbitrator plans on looking into IRS records for tax return information to verify if the allegations about Sterling double dipping are true or not.

He believes the next arbitration hearing could possibly last another three days.