A Texas appeals court ruled this week that the mother of the abused girl known in Southeast Texas a "Baby Faith" should not have received a 65 year sentence for injuring the child.

The Court of Appeals for the 13th District of Texas upheld Christine Johnson's conviction on one charge of injury to a child but modified her conviction on a charge of serious bodily injury to her daughter, "Baby Faith."

The serious bodily injury charge stemmed from prosecutors' contention that the child's injuries were compounded because she did not seek medical care.

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Johnson was sentenced to 20 years on the injury to a child charge and 65 years on the serious bodily injury charge with the sentences to run concurrently.

The appeals court modified Johnson's conviction on the second count of causing serious bodily injury to reflect a conviction for third degree injury to a child by omission and sent the case back for a new punishment trial on the lesser conviction.