The orange county special angels hosted its annual rodeo bringing smiles to many people dealing with special needs.

“Most of our participants have never been on a horse,” says Kevin Norton, event organizer.

“They've never experienced the cowboy lifestyle. The closest they've been to us sitting in the stands watching, they actually get to immerse themselves into the experience of being a rodeo cowboy.” He explains.

The group has been organizing events like this for 3 years now, and this year, the number of participants quadrupled giving those like Jayden Jones the opportunity to experience something new.

“I've seen a tortoise a turkey and a rabbit, I’ve seen a lot of animals over here. This place is kind of fun to me and I think it's fun for everybody,” says Jaydon.

One in five people in the US are currently living with a disability, and through horse rides, cowboy hats, and food, this Southeast Texas group plans in bringing smiles to those with disabilities -- one horse ride at a time.

“You just cannot describe the feeling in being able to give people a fun day in being able to be a cowboy or cowgirl for the day.” Says Event organizer Jo Harris.

Groups like this are living proof that a smile is the universal language of kindness.

Make sure you mark your calendars, this event will be held again next year on second Saturday in the month of November.