Protests broke out after President Trump announces that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel.
Amid protests, a group of Southeast Texans is in the middle of a pilgrimage to Jerusalem.

Monsignor Jerry McGrath of the Catholic Diocese of Beaumont says the president’s announcement has caused tension in the region.

"Palestinian stores have basically closed and went on strike," McGrath said.

McGrath and the group are on an eleven-day pilgrimage. McGrath said it changed after President Trump’s declaration.

"There's many people saying that we love Americans but we don't like your President at all, and why's he doing this to us," McGrath said.

Protests throughout the region are expected to continue.

Father McGrath is praying that one day there will not be any tension in the Holy Land. McGrath and his group return home on Saturday.

He says they do not plan on visiting areas where protests may occur.