Lee Ann Bridges says she has absolutely no memory of a day last year when she nearly died.

"I don't remember none of it. I remember the day before and the night before, " said Bridges.

In January of 2016, deputies say Bridges was attacked while she was asleep by her estranged boyfriend with a claw hammer.

The incident happened at a home in Stowell, in Chambers County.

The 29-year old mother of four was airlifted to Memorial Hermann Hospital in Houston.
When she arrived at the emergency room, the hammer was still lodged in her head.

Doctors told her family they did not believe she would make it through the night.

Bridges' aunt Cindy Dorn was at the emergency room.

"It was the most horrifying thing I witnessed in my life. It was unreal. She looked like she had been beaten badly.

Her face was all swollen. I didn't know it was her," said Cindy Dorn.

Bridges spent months in the hospital and in rehabilitation.

A year later, Bridges has mounting medical bills due to medical problems because of the hammer attack.

Bridges says her medications cost about $1,800 a month.

She is also working to make a permanent home for her children. They are staying with a family member.

Bridges says she forgives her attacker.

"Everybody say I should hate C.J. and that he should be killed. I was born a Christian person and you are not supposed to hate nobody. Let him live his life with what he has done... I forgive him," said Bridges.

According to the Chambers County Sheriff's Office, Clifford Sonnier III was in a drug induced state when he carried out the unprovoked attack.

Sonnier is charged with Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon.

You can find Bridges GoFundMe account here.