What used to be a place of fun for families from mini golf to games, Adventure Kingdom was the place to be for Southeast Texans.

“Lots of dates, hugging and kissing from couples. I would see a lot of actual marriage proposals out here. That was just awesome.” Said Marlon Quibodeanx.

Throughout the last ten years, memories were made all over the park. In August, that all changed when Harvey made landfall.

“I saw a picture of flooded water up to the cabin and I knew that the log cabin was in the front of the property was about six foot higher than the back of the property.” He said.

Pieces of their castle display were found across Highway 69. Bumper cars floated off the property to the woods.

Some items have never been found.

In 2007, Quibodeanx and his wife, Tiffany, opened the park knowing it would bring great memories for families.

“For us we got to be in the mix of people elevating other people to another level.” He explained.

The park sustained thousands in damages and Quibodeanx said it would be too expensive to rebuild.

“FEMA turned us down because we weren’t a home we were a commercial business so we didn’t get any money.”

Once the property is completely cleaned, Quibodeanx said he will sell it.