Leania Joupert enjoys being taken to the Jefferson County Adult Day Center in Port Arthur.

To Joupert, one of the biggest benefits of being a client is getting two meals a day and a snack.

"And I can't walk unless I walk with a walker, so I can't sit and prepare food at home because in this hand I've had a stroke," Joupert said.

The day center is a non-profit that helps on average 30 seniors a day with food, assisting with taking medication and transportation.

Schwanna Johnson, president of the day center says that recently due to a lack of funding employees are at times paying out of their own pocket to get daily supplies.

According to Johnson, their initial funding from Medicaid has started drying up.

"We haven't had really anything consistent, we will have some private donations that come in kind of here and there. We also have received some grants but they do come far and few in between," Johnson said.

Joupert would like to see the center get a new vehicle and hopes the facility can stay open.

"Because the people here are beautiful…if we were just sitting at home, we wouldn't get this," Joupert said.

Johnson says that the center will accept donations of medical supplies or any financial donations.

The tentative close date for the center is march 31st. You can donate by contacting the center at (409) 985-7220.