A 9-year-old girl is recovering after a drone malfunction caused an injury to her leg on Sunday.

Mackenzie Ledet said she was playing in her front yard at her home in Hamshire. Her neighbor said he was flying a GoPro Karma Drone on autopilot when it crashed into a tree and then hit her.

“I was jumping, screaming and crying,” said Ledet. “It hurts really bad.”

Mackenzie has several stitches in her leg and is not allowed to bend her knee. She’s missed school at Hamshire Fannett Elementary School for the past week.

“It’s really hard not to bend it when I’m walking,” said Ledet. “It’s really hard.”

Her mother, Janet Dancer said does not blame her neighbor for the accident but is angry with the GoPro Company.

"They should have some sort of shut off sensor or blade guards or something,” said Dance. “It should have stopped when it got caught in the tree.”

Ledet explained she sent several emails and Facebook messages to the company but never heard back. She fears another child could suffer from a more serious injury.

"If it had been a smaller kid, that could have been their face or abdomen,” said Dancer.

However, Mackenzie said she is still in good spirits despite her injuries.

“Yes I want to play softball and just go back to school,” said Ledet.

12news reached out to the GoPro company. The company said they are looking into the incident.