A 13-year-old girl is in jail after making threats to fire shots on Lumberton Middle School’s campus.

Lumberton Police Chief Danny Sullins said the teen is an 8th grade student and made the threat on Instagram.

“We take it very seriously, we don’t mess around with these types of things,” said Sullins.

When police responded to the incident they found out the girl didn’t have any weapons and arrested her for terroristic threats.

“A threats a threat and we take it very seriously,” said Sullins. “We aren’t going to mess around with these types of things.”

Sullins wouldn’t show 12 news the picture from Instagram but said it included very crude language.

A spokesperson for the Lumberton Independent School District says the Middle School was notified of a potential threat to campus safety Monday morning.

A statement issued by the district says...

“The campus principal reported this situation to the Lumberton Police Department immediately. Through the vigilance of the campus administration and police department working together, this incident was resolved within 30 minutes. Student discipline will be administered according to the Student Code of Conduct. We applaud the person reporting this incident.”

District spokesperson Gretchen Scoggins said Lumberton ISD’s first priority is the safety of students and staff.

Because the incident involves a student, the district is limited in the type of information it can release.

Parents from Lumberton like Kristi Brown said incidents like this remind her to check her kid’s social media.

“We need to be careful of how much exposure we have with our kids,” said Brown. “It’s very hard because it’s so widespread.”

Chief Sullins said the case will be handed over to the Hardin County Juvenile Detention Center authorities to decide if charges will be filed.

A school official initially told 12news the incident concerned the intermediate campus.

This information was corrected later in the morning.