An inspiring little guy has set a goal to one day become part of the United States military, but since birth, 11-year-old Ayden Burrow has already been fighting his own battle.

He was born with the life-threatening disorder, cystic fibrosis.

Ayden tells us nothing will stop him from serving the country he loves.

“He's a really strong boy, more than he realizes,” says his mom Aleasha Simmons.

A little soldier he is in fighting his own battle of a lifetime.

“When he was a baby, his first year of life was rough,” says Simmons.

“We spent time in and out of the hospital,” she says.

He's been fighting cystic fibrosis, a life-threatening disorder that damages the lungs and the digestive system.

While still at the hospital, Ayden recently received a huge surprise.

“They gave me the folded American flag, medal of good conduct, a hat, and a coin,” says Ayden.

“Some kids like superman, this kid loves the armed forces,” his mom says.

Sporting his dog tags and army t-shirt, pretending to be a living superhero.

“I just believe they are heroes of our country and deserve more respect,” Ayden says.

And despite any difficulty, he has set high goals, he wants to join the military.

“I know Ayden and his heart, he is for real and this is his dream,” Simmons says.

Ayden's dream is to trade his time at the hospital for time on a different battlefield, making a difference in the lives of others.

He says no matter what disability you have, you can do whatever you set your mind to do.