“I love to dance.” said 10-year-old Shanyia Portley on Thursday. The 4th grader is a show stopper dancer and tells 12News she won’t be able to dance for the rest of the year due to her leg injury.

Portley was among the 47 people inside a BISD school bus when police say it crashed in Lumberton on Highway 69 Wednesday.

Her parents, Ashley Portley and Nathan Roberts, say Wednesday is a day they will never forget.

“I didn’t know what was going on. My daughter called me screaming. I couldn’t understand her, she gave the phone to a lady and the lady said my daughter had been involved in an accident.” Said Ashley Portley.

“I was thinking, Lord, let her be okay.” Said Roberts.

The two rushed out of their home to the scene on Wednesday but then received a call saying their daughter was en route to Christus Southeast Texas St. Elizabeth and turned around driving to the hospital instead.

Portley said they spent two hours at the hospital with no sign of Shanyia who is Autistic.

“I stood there and I stayed at the hospital for like two hours at St. Elizabeth and she never arrived! I get a call from Victory and they told me she was at Victory.” Portley told 12News.

Doctors say the little girl has a bruise to the bone on her left leg and also suffered a bump on the head.

Portley said Shanyia was wearing a seat belt at the time of the crash.