Jerry Tatom is no stranger to the stage. He travels the Golden Triangle providing entertainment to elderly residents. He's done it all of his life.

"Mom, dad and I used to go around and we played in the nursing homes and assisted living facilities," says Tatom.

Through the songs he sings, he keeps his family tradition alive.

"I feel like every time I sing and play, I can feel their presence," he says.

The legacy he's carrying on is enjoyed by all.

"They love music. Everybody does, any kind of music, every type of music," says Cindy Dorsey with the Pelican Bay Assisted Living Community.

"We enjoyed him. We always do enjoy him because he sings songs that we all know," says Cheelee Wall, a Pelican Bay resident.

Wall and her friends at Pelican Bay can hear Tatom sing on Friday's during happy hour. Happy hour consists of an hour of music, wine and popcorn.

"It's good for you to have something like that so we always enjoy this," says Wall.

Tatom says "It's just something that I really enjoy doing. It's not so much the entertainment as it is drawing in the residents to you."

Tatom hopes to add more spots to his local tour.

Pelican Bay residents will enjoy entertainment from Elvis in August. They also go on outings.

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